90-minute Kirtan Led by the SRF Monks Kirtan Group | 2020 SRF Online World Convocation | August 13


Join Self-Realization Fellowship for an hour and a half of kirtan (devotional chanting) with the SRF monks’ kirtan group, as part of the 2020 SRF Online World Convocation.

This year SRF is honoring the 100th anniversary of Yogananda’s arrival in the West and the beginning of his worldwide work. In celebration of this milestone, our Centennial Convocation—a truly worldwide event—is being offered to all for free.

This fully online #SRFConvocation is a week of classes by SRF monastics, meditations, virtual pilgrimages to ashram centers where Yogananda lived, kirtans (devotional chanting), and more—offering all seekers of higher consciousness and balanced spiritual living a unique experience of peace and joy.

The 2020 SRF Online World Convocation is open to all. However, the three classes on the Energization, Hong-Sau, and Aum Techniques, and the special class on Kriya Yoga, are available only to those who are current or past students of the Self-Realization Fellowship Lessons.

To learn more about and apply for the SRF Lessons: https://yogananda.org/lessons

To read Paramahansa Yogananda’s Introduction to the SRF Lessons, “Highest Achievements Through Self-Realization”: https://flipbooks.yogananda.org/15791...

To learn more from Paramahansa Yogananda about the divine art of chanting: https://bookstore.yogananda-srf.org/p...

To read reflections on and listen to chanting by one of Yogananda’s direct disciples: https://bookstore.yogananda-srf.org/p...


To read some ideas on how to get the most out of your Convocation experience: https://yogananda.org/getting-the-mos...


If you would like to support the spiritual and humanitarian work of SRF, please click on this link: https://donatesrf.org

[0:00] Introduction

[2:36] Opening prayer

[3:55] “Aum Chant”

[6:45] “Jai Guru”

[24:13] “Jaya Jaya Ma”

[40:37] “When Thy Song Flows Through Me”

[46:19] “Door of My Heart”

[1:01:56] “When My Dream’s Dream Is Done”

[1:05:47] “Sri Krishna Jai Krishna”

[1:21:23] “Guru-Naam Sankirtan” and closing prayer

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