How Teens Can Live With Courage and Inner Assurance in Today’s World | 2020 SRF World Convocation


#SRFConvocation #Yogananda #YogaMeditation SRF monk Brother Balananda delivers a class on how, by embracing inner growth that builds both self-esteem and self-confidence, teens can learn to realize themselves as souls, made in the image of God—capable of accomplishing anything.

This class, which is primarily oriented towards SRF/YSS teens, will explore how they can develop a strong spiritual foundation — so that when tests, trials, and challenges come they will be able to intuitively receive the soul’s wisdom-guidance and support. The sturdier this foundation, the smoother life becomes, and the happier one will be.

This class is part of the Day 4 (Wednesday) schedule for the 2020 SRF Online World Convocation. The 2020 Convocation is a week of online classes, meditations, virtual pilgrimages to ashram centers where Yogananda lived, kirtans (devotional chanting), and more—offering all seekers of higher consciousness and balanced spiritual living a unique experience of peace and joy.

This year SRF is honoring the 100th anniversary of Yogananda’s arrival in the West and the beginning of his worldwide work. In celebration of this milestone, the 2020 Convocation—a truly worldwide event—is being offered to all for free.

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