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Awake in the Cosmic Dream

Paramahansa Yogananda

Awake in the Cosmic Dream was recorded on January 5, 1952, during a joyous gathering at the Self-Realization Fellowship Mother Center in honor of Paramahansa Yoga­nanda’s birthday. The occasion was especially significant for it was just two months later that the great Master left his body. During the events of the evening, Paramahansaji addressed the gathering several times, not as one might speak in a formal lecture or public address, but in a spon­taneous outpouring of his heart and soul to his closest disciples and friends. Aware that soon he would no longer be physically with them, Paramahansaji touches upon the entire spectrum of spiritual living — all of the vital necessities for creating a dynamic, living relationship with God. He conveys with delightful humor and compassionate understanding why God is the only permanent solution to the enduring problems of human existence.

Through personal stories and practical guidance, and through the example of his own intimate communion with the Divine Beloved who manifested to him even as he spoke, Paramahansaji gives an unforgettable glimpse of that awakened consciousness in which all mortal dreams of limitation melt away in the blissful awareness of God, the sole Reality.

Awake in the Cosmic Dream is the second in a special col­lector’s series of recorded talks by Paramahansa Yogananda. Self-Realization Fellowship is happy to present these satsanga recordings, which make it possible to know not just what the great Master said, but how he actually spoke — to hear his words and feel in them the power, the wisdom, and the all-embracing love and compassion of his God-illumined consciousness.