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Learn the sacred science of Kriya Yoga meditation to transform and bring balance to your life.

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    The SRF Lessons teach you how to live a balanced and successful life by awakening your connection to the Divine

    What you have been seeking has been inside you all along

    It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the stress and pressures of everyday life and become distracted by the expectations placed upon us by others and society. But you already have inside you everything you need for ultimate peace, security, and happiness.

    To tap into this hidden wellspring, all you need to do is cultivate a daily meditation practice following the scientific and universal path of yoga taught by Self-Realization Fellowship.

    You can receive satisfying answers to your deepest questions, and cultivate a lasting happiness

    True fulfillment, answers to your questions about life, and lasting happiness are within your reach—and can become your everyday experience as you move step-by-step along the spiritual path.

    Meditation has hit new heights of popularity. Scientific studies have proven many physical and mental health benefits, and how a daily practice can positively impact your life. But at the core of meditation there is something far greater.

    Meditation is your doorway to Bliss-consciousness

    When meditation is practiced scientifically, you can calm the mind, breath, and heart, and take your energies inside, where you can perceive your soul’s oneness with Bliss.

    This soul-perception dissolves the sense of mortal limitations and will deliver not only the greatest joy, but also more peace, wisdom, and love than you could ever imagine. This is the state of being which has been realized by yogis since ancient times, and which is now available to us all.

    If you are one of those who are really thirsty to solve your individual problems, or the universal human problem of understanding the mystery of life, learn and follow the teachings of Self-Realization Fellowship — the scientific spiritual teachings of India, handed down by her illumined seers and sages from time immemorial. Therein you will find the answers.

    Paramahansa Yogananda

    A progressive home-study program that transforms your life in ways you might never imagine

    The SRF Lessons are a transmission of sacred knowledge that will uplift and transform all aspects of your life: a progressive, home-study program teaching meditation techniques and the essence of spirituality handed down through a renowned lineage of yoga masters — Mahavatar Babaji, Lahiri Mahasaya, Swami Sri Yukteswar, and Paramahansa Yogananda — and available to you.

    Paramahansa Yogananda On Prayer

    As far as you want to go along the spiritual path, I can show you; and if you practice the techniques in the Lessons you will never feel stagnation in your progress.

    Paramahansa Yogananda

    You will learn the ancient techniques of Kriya Yoga meditation

    The Lessons were originated by Paramahansa Yogananda. At the core of his teachings is a powerful system of meditation techniques: the Kriya Yoga science of meditation. This ancient science of the soul—to which millions have been introduced by Autobiography of a Yogi and other books by him—provides powerful methods for awakening higher spiritual consciousness and the inner bliss of divine realization.

    From the very first Lesson, you receive definite methods by which you can experience the benefits of meditation immediately.

    While building a solid foundation for deep meditation, you will learn three powerful techniques taught by Paramahansa Yogananda as necessary first steps in the comprehensive spiritual science of Kriya Yoga:

    Energization Technique and Exercises

    The unique series of Energization Exercises developed by Paramahansa Yogananda enables one to draw energy consciously into the body from the Cosmic Source. This technique of life-energy control purifies and strengthens the body and prepares it for meditation, making it easier to direct the energy inward in order to reach higher states of consciousness. Regular practice also promotes mental and physical relaxation and develops dynamic will power.

    Hong-Sau Technique of Concentration

    This ancient and powerful technique helps to develop the mind’s latent powers of concentration. Through regular practice one learns to withdraw thought and energy from outward distractions so that they may be focused on any goal to be achieved or problem to be solved. Or one may direct the concentrated attention that results from successful practice toward realizing the Divine Consciousness within.

    Aum Technique of Meditation

    Once the student has learned, through the practice of the previous techniques, to relax the body and focus the mind, this advanced meditation technique expands the awareness beyond limitations of body and mind to the joyous realization of one’s infinite potential.

    Receiving Kriya Yoga

    All sincere seekers of spiritual consciousness— regardless of religious affiliation—can receive the above techniques in the basic series of the SRF Lessons. After learning and practicing these three basic techniques during the first eight months of Lessons study, those who wish may apply for initiation into Kriya Yoga. Initiation entails a deeper commitment to this path. Study and practice of the basic Lessons will enable you to determine if you wish to make that commitment.

    Whether or not one decides to go on to receive Kriya Yoga, all who are earnest in their application of the techniques taught in the basic series of Lessons can build for themselves a profoundly rewarding meditation practice. They will be able to prove for themselves Paramahansa Yogananda’s assurance that the highest states of divine consciousness can be attained through the basic techniques listed above—though Kriya Yoga is the fastest and most effective method.



    Meditation and the Spiritual Path: Experiences of SRF Members

    A wealth of inspiration and practical guidance

    In addition to the techniques, the Lessons offer a wealth of inspiration and practical guidance for spiritual living — how to live joyfully and successfully amidst the unceasing challenges and opportunities in this world of change. You will learn to convert that inspiration into a daily spiritual practice.

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    Support your Lessons study with inspiring lectures, recordings and other unique offerings:

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    • Study and introspection guide for each Lesson

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