Supplement Lessons Series

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    Supplement Lessons Series

    Available to students who have completed the basic series of SRF Lessons

    Many years ago Paramahansa Yogananda said that the new Lessons should provide followers of this path with a continuous stream of inspiration throughout their lives.

    The Supplement Lessons feature valuable guidance and instruction from Paramahansa Yogananda that expand on the how-to-live principles and meditation techniques you received in the basic series of SRF Lessons, and provide a wealth of new guidance, inspiration, and additional techniques to deepen your spiritual life.

    This series of Lessons includes material from previously unpublished talks and writings of Paramahansa Yogananda as well as from earlier editions of the Lessons.

    Supplement Series Lesson 19


    The Supplement series features a wide range of topics to enhance and strengthen your practice of our Guru’s meditation techniques and how-to-live teachings, such as:

    • Deepening your personal relationship with God
    • Mastering the power of concentration
    • How to deepen your meditations
    • Cultivating prosperity and success
    • Harmonizing body, mind, and soul
    • Health and healing
    • Understanding death and reincarnation
    • Spiritualizing business life
    • Feeling God’s presence
    • Overcoming pain and sorrow
    • How to get along with others
    • Affirmations and prayers
    • Guided meditations and visualizations
    • And much more

    Cost and Timing

    There are approximately 90 Lessons in the Supplement series. You will receive one Lesson every two weeks. If received without interruption, the Supplement Lessons continue for approximately 3 1/2 years.

    You may choose between two subscription plans:

    • Annual subscription — $80/year (with auto-renew every year)
    • Monthly subscription — $8/month (receive two Lessons a month—with auto-renew every month)

    Both subscription plans include free access to digital versions of the Lessons in the SRF Lessons app. (The latest version of the app will give you full access to this content.)


    Can I receive the Supplement Lessons before receiving the Basic Lessons?

    You will need to first receive the full basic Lessons series (new edition) before you are eligible to enroll for the Supplement Lessons.

    How many Lessons are there? How long are they?

    There are approximately 90 Lessons in the Supplement series. They range from 12 pages to 32 pages with most falling between 16 and 24.

    How often are they mailed? / What is the mailing structure?

    Supplement Lessons are mailed every two weeks. The mailing structure is the same as the basic series.

    What will I receive? / What’s the content?

    You will receive one Lesson every two weeks, just like the basic series. The Supplement Lessons continue Paramahansaji’s teachings on meditation and spiritual living. Those who feel they have benefited from studying the basic series will also get much out of continuing their studies of the SRF “how-to-live” teachings presented in the Supplement series.

    Are there paper Lessons?


    Will there be auxiliary material in the member portal?

    For Lessons that have auxiliary content it will be available in the member portal and on the app.

    Will digital Lessons be available in the app? When do they show up on the app?

    Yes, digital versions of the Lessons will be available in the app, just like the basic series. They will be available to you two weeks after the corresponding print Lesson has mailed.

    Do I need to receive all of them or can I pick and choose which ones I’m interested in?

    The Supplement Lessons will be mailed out in sequential order to all those who enroll, starting with Lesson #19 (which is the next Lesson after the final Lesson in the basic series, #18).

    Can the Supplement Lessons be sent all together in one package?

    No. The Supplement Lessons are only available one by one at this time.

    When will they be available in other languages?

    In the coming years, the Supplement Lessons will be released in several languages.

    How should I organize/store my Lessons?

    There are many ways to organize your lessons such as binders, magazine storage bins, a box or accordion folders. We suggest you use some means to organize your SRF Lessons to protect them and for easy access. While SRF is not offering binders or other organizers at this time, they are readily available at online office supply retailers.