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2018 Easter Message From Brother Chidananda

March 26, 2018

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Let this be the day of your own Christ-awakening….You can practice this resurrection every day in your life. Forget your old weaknesses and troubles. Just think: ‘Christ was resurrected, and I am resurrected with him. I am no longer my old self.’

Paramahansa Yogananda

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is a radiant beacon light of hope and joy for all humanity, for it brings to us assurance of the consciousness-expanding truth that each of us is an unconquerable, immortal soul, meant to cast off the bondage of mortal delusion and reflect our innately divine nature. Jesus’ life and triumph over death are a call to us to resurrect our own soul freedom from the dictates of the senses and habits, and the smallness of ego-consciousness, that we might live as he did, in the infinite light and unconditional love of the universal Christ Consciousness.

Within each of us is the urge to unfold our highest potential — to feel again our native joy, limitless freedom, and omnipotence, forgotten in our involvement with maya-delusion. The example of Jesus, and of other exemplars of Christ Consciousness, reminds us that we can daily resurrect ourselves from the illusion of being helpless victims of the ever-changing dualities of this world. That resurrection begins from within — in the way we react to the circumstances of everyday life. What a sense of freedom we gain by resurrecting the power of our will from passive submission to the ego’s impulses and choosing our course in each situation by soul-wisdom instead. And at those times when we have crosses to bear, if we look upon them not as obstacles but as opportunities to resurrect our soul’s heroic qualities, we grow greatly in spiritual strength and faith.

A most beautiful transformation takes place in our consciousness as we increasingly expand our love and caring beyond the narrow boundaries of self and reach out to help others. Our guru, Paramahansa Yogananda, said: “With every kindness and every good action that you perform, you are being resurrected; and you are immediately in tune with Christ’s divine consciousness.” How deeply our hearts are touched by the compassion Jesus expressed. He looked beyond people’s flaws and saw the God-spark in them, even in those who were inimical to him. As we too look for and strive to bring out the good in others, we are following the way he has shown to live in that unconditional, all-embracing Christ-love which is the strongest transforming power in changing ourselves, changing others, and ultimately changing the world.

God-like thoughts and actions lead toward resurrection from human to divine consciousness. But to feel fully the limitless wellspring of God-love and joy that sustained Jesus in his mission, we need to experience in the silent depths of our own souls the blissful consciousness he knew. Gurudeva has promised: “If you will try by deep meditation to get through the fog of restlessness, then you will see that you have come to the vast luminous soul kingdom of eternal happiness within. That is the resurrection I want you to experience.” With all my heart I pray that this Easter may bring in a tangible way the fulfillment of his wish for you.

A blessed and joyous Easter to you and your dear ones,

Brother Chidananda

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