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2020 Easter Message From Brother Chidananda

March 31, 2020

Easter 2020

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O Spirit, command my soul to arise from the sepulcher of littleness into Thy vastness of everywhereness. Lift its matter-caged consciousness into omnipresent freedom in Thee.

Paramahansa Yogananda

Dear One,

Heartfelt wishes for a blessed Easter to you and all of Paramahansa Yogananda’s spiritual family and friends! The monks and nuns in his ashrams join me in praying that the all-pervading, infinitely loving Christ Consciousness, so perfectly manifest in the Lord Jesus, will also awaken within you. May his divine life and glorious resurrection bring assurance that God’s love and unconquerable light of goodness is part of our nature also. Let that love and goodness be fully resurrected in our lives, and thereby contribute to the light of renewed hope and strength during these uncertain times.

Conflict between light and darkness, love and hate, has ever been present in this world of maya; but it need not intimidate or discourage us. The complete victory of Jesus over all mortal limitations was not intended to set him apart, but to provide an example for our own resurrection. His triumph was the result of many inner victories; similarly, each day gives us incremental opportunities to free ourselves from the delusions of maya — to use our will to take charge of our lives instead of being ruled by harmful habits, temptations, or emotions. Jesus exercised that strength and self-control. He was courageous in upholding principles, but no one could rouse anger in him. We too can choose how we respond to people and situations — not with the petty reactiveness of the ego, but by a broader soul understanding. A wonderful feeling of freedom comes when we say “no” to any habit of our lower nature; or when instead of carrying a burden of resentment when the ego has been hurt, we choose to forgive. When crosses come into our lives, if instead of resenting them we trust in God with open mind and heart, they can become steppingstones toward soul growth and freedom. And Christ’s example especially encourages us to resurrect within ourselves the divine qualities of love and understanding. As God looks beyond our human flaws and sees our true Self, the soul, we can look for the good in family, friends, and others with whom we interact. Thus we enlarge our own consciousness and foster a spirit of respect in all our relationships.

Remember that meditation is the most powerful way to reclaim your soul’s divinity. It was through direct communion with the very source of love that Jesus found the strength to love so unconditionally. As you, too, enter the sacred silence of the soul and feel the touch of that Christ-love in which Jesus lived, you will likewise become a channel for the understanding and compassion he felt for all souls as part of himself. Our Guru reminded us, “Don’t think the contribution made by your spiritualized consciousness is small. Your part may mean very much.” By every effort you make to meditate and to live by God’s laws of love and truth, your consciousness is purified and the Christ presence within you radiates an uplifting, harmonizing influence in the world.

A joyous Easter to you and your dear ones,

Brother Chidananda

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