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SRF Nuns Visit Yogoda Satsanga Society of India Ashrams

December 28, 2022

20221021 Delhi 0033 exp
Brahmacharini Krishnapriya, Sister Brahmani, Sister Draupadi, and Brahmacharini Vaishnavi, upon their arrival in Delhi.

Four Self-Realization Fellowship nuns visited ashrams of Paramahansa Yogananda in India during October and November 2022. At the Yogoda Satsanga Society of India (YSS) ashrams in Noida, Dakshineswar, and Ranchi, they participated in Sadhana Sangams — three-day events similar in spirit to the SRF Convocation. (YSS is the name by which Paramahansaji's work is known in India and several nearby countries.)

Following are images of some of the events in which Sister Draupadi, Sister Brahmani, Brahmacharini Vaishnavi, and Brahmacharini Krishnapriya participated.

During their visit, the sannyasinis (as renunciant nuns are known in India) conducted meditations and met with YSS devotees. Sister Drapaudi and Sister Brahmani gave talks, as well, on Paramahansa Yogananda’s “how-to-live” teachings.

The closing talk for the three-day program in Ranchi was given by Sister Draupadi and the closing talk in Noida by Sister Brahmani. Both talks were livestreamed for the benefit of those unable to join in person, and can be viewed in full on this page below.

Arrival in Delhi

20221021 Delhi 0012
Arriving after midnight on October 21, the nuns are greeted and garlanded by devotees.
20221021 Delhi 0026
The sannyasinis are welcomed by Swami (Brother) Vishwananda, Vice President of SRF and member of YSS Board of Directors, to the Delhi Kendra — and to India.

Diwali Celebrations at Noida Ashram in October

20221024 Noida 0047 exp 3x5 2

The first event in which the visiting sannyasinis participate is the celebration of Diwali, India's "festival of lights." Swami (Brother) Vishwananda begins the festival by performing an arati ceremony before an image of Paramahansaji.

20221024 Noida 0053 exp
The nuns offer lamps and flowers at the garden altar.
2022 Diwali Noida 0063 exp
All the gardens are all lit with lights of multi-colored hues.
20221024 Noida 0049 exp
20221024 Noida 0083 exp
20221024 Noida 0036 exp
The nuns participate in devotional kirtan during the Diwali celebrations.

Arrival at YSS Dakshineswar Ashram — October 25

20221025 Dakshineswar 0006 exp

The sannyasinis next traveled to the YSS ashram in Dakshineswar, near Kolkata. Arriving on October 25, they are warmly welcomed by YSS monastics and devotees.

2006 06
View of Yogoda Satsanga Society of India Headquarters and Ganges River, Dakshineswar.
20221029 Dakshineswar 0344
Visiting the reception area
In the central courtyard of the Dakshineswar Ashram
20221029 Dakshineswar 0340
20221029 Dakshineswar 0316 crop
Touring the grounds with Swami (Brother) Vishwananda.
20221029 Dakshineswar 0327
Viewing the Ganges from the Dakshineswar Ashram

Sadhana Sangam YSS Dakshineswar Ashram — October 28 – November 2

20221028 Dakshineswar 0114
Sister Draupadi speaks during the opening ceremony.
20221028 Dakshineswar 0190 rotate
Brahmacharini Vaishnavi conducts a review of the Energization Exercises.
Sister Draupadi gives an inspirational talk.
20221029 Dakshineswar 0263 crop
20221030 Dakshineswar 0378 crop
Sister Brahmani leads a meditation as Brahmacharini Krishnapriya leads the chanting.
Smiling nuns and devotees
20221029 Dakshineswar 0281
20221030 Dakshineswar 0435
Performing Paramahansaji's healing technique at the close of a meditation.
At the close of the Dakshineswar events, YSS devotees say farewell to the nuns.
Sister Brahmani pranaming to devotees upon departure.

Arrival at YSS Ranchi Ashram — November 6

2022 Nuns Visit Ranchi 0040
Arriving at the Ranchi Ashram after dark, the nuns are garlanded and greeted by devotees.
The nuns are given a tour of the spacious grounds of the Ranchi Ashram.
2022 Nuns Visit Ranchi 0081
2022 03
They visit the Paramahansa Yogananda Smriti Mandir (memorial shrine), dedicated in 1995, seventy-five years after the prophetic vision that prompted Paramahansa Yogananda's journey to the West to found his Self-Realization Fellowship. This beautiful shrine is located at the place where he had that vision.
Inside the Paramahansa Yogananda Smriti Mandir
2022 Nuns Visit Ranchi 0068
2022 Nuns Visit Ranchi 0080
At the entrance to the Paramahansa Yogananda Smriti Mandir.
In front of Paramahansa Yogananda's room at the Ranchi Ashram, which is preserved as a shrine.
2022 Nuns Visit Ranchi 0047
2022 Nuns Visit Ranchi 0188
With Swami Vishwananda touring the YSS educational campus complex under construction at Jagannathpur, south of Ranchi, on November 8.
2022 Nuns Visit Ranchi 0170 rotate

Sadhana Sangam YSS Ranchi Ashram — November 11–13

2022 Sadhana Sangam Ranchi 0108
Swami Ishwarananda introduces the nuns to the Sangam participants in Ranchi.
2022 Sadhana Sangam Ranchi 0176
Sister Draupadi's closing talk on "Kriya Yoga: Quickening Our Human Evolution" is livestreamed to thousands of online viewers (and available in full below).

Watch “Kriya Yoga: Quickening Our Human Evolution” by Sister Draupadi

We invite you to watch this talk given by Sister Draupadi on Paramahansa Yogananda's Kriya Yoga teachings, given as part of the three-day program in Ranchi.

Sangam participants fill the hall.
2022 Sadhana Sangam Ranchi 0058
2022 Sadhana Sangam Ranchi 0066 crop
Brahmacharini Vaishnavi leads devotional chanting.
The main hall was not enough space for all the devotees wishing to attend. Here the nuns greet those in the overflow seating.
2022 Sadhana Sangam Ranchi 0213
2022 Nuns Visit Ranchi 0221
Upon departure from Ranchi, the nuns are thanked by the devotees for the inspiration they have brought to the Guru's spiritual family.

Sadhana Sangam YSS Noida Ashram — November 25-27

2016 Ashram Grounds Noida 0013
The YSS Noida Ashram and Retreat Center, located in the National Capital Region (of which New Delhi is a part), was dedicated in 2010.
2022 Sadhana Sangam Noida 0002
The ashram and retreat is decorated with floral rangoli to welcome devotees.
2022 Sadhana Sangam Noida 0151
The nuns enter the Dhyana Mandir (meditation temple) for the opening ceremony.
And are introduced to the devotees.
2022 Sadhana Sangam Noida 0008
2022 Sadhana Sangam Noida 0016
Opening ceremony
2022 Sadhana Sangam Noida 0053
On Sunday, November 27, Sister Brahmani gives the closing talk on "Creating Lasting Happiness," which is livestreamed to thousands of online viewers, and can be viewed in full on this page.

Watch “Creating Lasting Happiness” by Sister Brahmani

We invite you to watch this talk given by Sister Brahmani on Paramahansa Yogananda's SRF/YSS teachings, given as part of the three-day program in Noida.

Brahmacharini Vaishnavi conducts an Energization Exercises review class.
2022 Sadhana Sangam Noida 0045
2022 Sadhana Sangam Noida 0035
Sister Brahmani counsels a devotee.
Sister Draupadi counsels a devotee.
2022 Sadhana Sangam Noida 0033
2022 Sadhana Sangam Noida 0148
Devotees thank the nuns in appreciation for the inspiration of their visit.

Nuremberg Germany — December 4

Ashram Laufam Holz 009b exp
On their return to the United States, they visited with the nuns at the SRF Nuremburg Ashram in Germany.
DSC09960 Dec 4 Satsanga Germany Sr Draupadi Sr Brahmani exp
While there, Sister Draupadi and Sister Brahmani shared their India experiences with some of the SRF members in Germany.
XDSC00209 Dec 4 Satsanga Germany Sr Draupadi Sr Brahmani exp
DSC09965 Dec 4 Satsanga Germany Sr Draupadi Sr Brahmani exp
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