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The Summer 2020 Issue of Self-Realization Magazine — A Source of Optimism in These Challenging Times

October 01, 2020


The Summer 2020 issue of Self-Realization—the magazine founded by Paramahansa Yogananda in 1925 and devoted to the healing of body, mind, and soul—is now available. Here is the “To the Readers” message that introduces this SRF Centennial special issue:  

In this special issue commemorating the centennial of Self-Realization Fellowship, we continue our focus on the theme of “universal spirituality for the coming global civilization.” We can  excerpt from a message that Brother Chidananda, president and spiritual head of SRF/YSS, recently conveyed to all the employees and monastics of SRF: 

“The service we are providing to our members and the world at large is exactly the wisdom, resources, and practical ‘how-to-live’ methods that will get humanity through this [coronavirus] crisis and keep us whole.” 

“Our service is a ‘how-to-live’ teaching: how to calm our anxious minds; how to triumph over adversity; how to pursue happiness in all conditions; how to draw upon our inner strength and the most profound resources of our souls; how to work harmoniously with others; how to culture courage and resilience; and underlying it all — how to cultivate a dynamic connection with the Divine, with the Source and Power behind all that exists. 

“Our founder, Paramahansa Yogananda, brought a unique and powerful methodology and teaching that is especially and ideally suited to our modern world. It is a universal message. We find similar ideals, goals, and principles in all the great scriptures and spiritual traditions of the world. And in fact today, even scientists — our physicists, psychologists, medical doctors — are beginning to validate the value and the practical application of these ideals. What Paramahansaji has given at this time is the comprehensive set of spiritual techniques whereby all humankind can fully realize these truths within themselves, starting today. This way of living, this way of approaching adversity: this is the need of the hour.” 

To see the table of contents, read a digital sampler of this issue, hear an audio excerpt from the issue’s recording, “A Promise of Light” by Sri Daya Mata, and purchase this issue, please visit the Self-Realization magazine page on the SRF Bookstore at the link below

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